Here it is, 11:48 pm and I'm wide awake. Insomnia is the Devil's work. I crave the days I could just lay down and go to sleep, but no any more. This blows

iPhone love

So my honey bought me a new iPhone 2 weeks ago. It is so awesome. I don't know what I was doing living with my old cell phone for the past three years, it was falling apart. This thing rocks.

What else has been happening in my little world, not much. I stared a horseback riding class a few weeks ago and I love it. My teacher is a real no nonsense kind of guy, and I'm really learning a lot.

Chris & I also started house hunting. What an F'd up process. It's extremely frustrating, and even though we just started, I'm considering stepping back and doing more research. This process has opened my eyes to just home many stupid people work in the housing/mortgage industry...

New Diet

So Today marks the first day of my new diet. Due to my new medication, my weight has ballooned out of control. So this will be two weeks of a very strict diet and then I can incorporate better eating habits after the two weeks are up. Wish me luck.


Depression sucks......

So I got an official diagnosis of depression finally after struggling with it for so many years. I can't even put into words what I have been going through lately. But I'm on he road to recovery and pull my head out of my ass.

Daft Punk

OMG I saw Daft Punk last night!!! They were freaking amazing! I haven't danced so hard in a looooong time. Plus I met Dita Von Teese in the bathroom of all places. She is super nice and gorgeous. Her waist is teeny tiny but she was dressed to the nines. I wish I had a camera to catch the moment, but oh well.

That show rocked some serious ass. Plus I got exposed to a new group that I like to. Their name is Ratatat. They are awesome. If ou ever get a chance to see Daft Punk live, do it!
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A good place

So I'm really feeling in a good place these days. Work is phenominal and I can genuinely say that. I work with great people, I have a boss that doesn't micro-manage me and a really positive environment.

Now the only thing is to get my body image & health in check. Three years ago, I put on a lot of weight. First it started with me quitting smoking, and then came on what I feel was major depression. The past year I've maintained the weight that I lost when I was active in the gym, but I need to drop another 30 lbs to get to a "comfortable weight".

Chris and I want to travel next year and then hopefuly get pregnant and start our family expansion. I don't want to increase the risks that come with being seriously overweight affecting my future child.

I've really been calorie and portion control monitoring the past few weeks. I also plan to be more active by hiking on the weekends and then incorporating the work gym during the week. They are small baby steps, but I'm making goals.

The Joy of a New Job

Well folks, I finally think I found a job that's the right fit for me. The pay is wonderful. The work keeps me busy. And my co-workers actually have smiles on their faces rather than frowns.

Granted I've only been here less than a week, but the work environment here is a 360 from my last job.

Now that I've got the job, it's time to get back to the gym. there's a gym across the steet at the other building that I will need to start using. I'm thinking early mornings to start and then mabe bump it to morning/lunch time.

I need to drop 30+ pounds as my 6 month goals and then hopefully another 20 w/i 6 months after that.

So far, life is good.

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Sleep glorious sleep. I could sure use some of that right now.

This past weekend was birthday extravaganza. My dad turned 67 on April 6th and then my godmom tuned 50 something on april 8th.

I was a long weekend of driving up and down the south coast, but I had a good time and was able to catch up with some old friends. I miss being back home so much sometimes. I sometimes really question if i should have moved at all. But I was able to meet Chris so I really can't complain.

On the agenda for this weekend. Lots of sleeping and maybe a dodger game?......

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It's been a trying week & 1/2. I got hit with a major case of the blues last week and was majorly depressed.
so Chris rushed me to the er and I was put on Prozac.

Yup I'm certified crazy. I just haven't been dealing with stress well and my job is super stressful right now. Working wih people in foreclosure and brankruptcy is difficult. But I just have to deal a little while longer.

How everyone is having a good week. Mine has been interesting.